Our Mission Statement is Simple:  To deliver caring, environmental sound, and world class service to our customers, communities, and to promote professional lawn care and landscape maintenance awareness by setting the example for other local lawn care and landscapers to follow.
Dugan Lawn Care & Landscaping is recognized by our clients as a local industry leader for providing friendly, reliable and guaranteed service. Through our unlimited desire to take care of our customer’s needs, solve problems, and provide professional service.   Dugan Lawn Care and Landscaping has a large variety of services to take care every aspect of our customer’s lawn care and landscaping needs.  We want to be our customer’s one call for anything that they might need on the outside of their property.  Dugan Lawn Care and Landscaping is Mena and Polk County’s property management experts. Our property management services enable our clients to focus on their business, jobs, families, and lives.

Dugan Lawn Care & Landscaping employees are trained, uniformed, and utilize state of the art equipment.  We put safety first in everything that we do.  Ensuring the safety of our clients' employees, their customers, and the general public is a top priority of this company and all of our employees.  Weekly, monthly, and continual safety education helps to ensure we stay the leaders in our industry in health and safety concerns.

Dugan Lawn Care & Landscaping LLC has over 100 Residential and 30 Business accounts.
Randall J. Dugan
- Owner/General Manager - 10 years of experience.

Randall Dugan has 11 years of military experience as a non-commissioned officer in the Army serving 5 years in the Infantry and the last 6 years as a recruiter, becoming a Master Recruiter in just 3 years.  After the military he worked as a Sales Manager for a radio station group in central Arkansas, and then as a sales consultant for Pinkerton Government Security.  When Randall moved back to his hometown of Mena, Arkansas he wanted to start his own business and thought about what he loved to do most in his life. What he enjoyed most was when he mowed lawns for summer jobs through childhood and teenage years.  Randall has successfully grown a lawn care and landscaping business over the last 10 years.  Randall was awarded and has overseen the completion of two US Forest Service contracts totaling four years.  Randall has grown his lawn care and landscaping company to include over one hundred residential accounts and thirty commercial accounts and is becoming Polk County's largest lawn care and landscaping company.

Kaylene Harvey is the office manager and part time landscaper at Dugan Lawn Care & Landscaping.  Born and raised in Mena, she graduated from Acorn High school in 2011 and has attended Rich Mountain Community College, majoring in business management.  Kaylene has worked her way up the ladder gaining experience in everything from fry cook/waitressing to operating a casino and managing a Game Stop in southern Arkansas.  Kaylene is a friendly and professional worker. Eager to learn new skills and improve old ones.
Joe Evans is the operations manager here at Dugan Lawn Care & Landscaping.  Growing up in Board Camp Arkansas, he started his first job at 14 sweeping floors at the airport in Mena. Joe graduated in 2003 from Bethel Christian Academy and soon after began traveling the country gaining skills in many areas. Joe learned great leadership skills which have helped him in many of the positions he has held. After a few years living in North West Arkansas, Joe returned to Mena and was contracted through West-Ark Poultry Supply until joining the team here at Dugan Lawn Care & Landscaping.

Cat started with us as security advisor three years ago when found living under a camper. Down on her luck, general manager Randall Dugan thought this would be a wonderful way for her to better herself. Cat has proven to be an excellent security operations manager, with not one breech in security since her start date. Job requirements include, a balance between laziness and being ever attentive, chasing field mice, and treein squirrels. In her free time Cat enjoys going for long walks on the mountain, eating, and barking at everyone on the sidewalk.
  Lawn Maintenance Basics:
  • Mowing
  • Weed-eating
  • Trimming/edging
  • Sidewalk/parking lot blowing off
Landscape Maintenance Basics:
  • Adding fresh Mulching
  • Planting fresh seasonal color (flowers)
  • Flower bed de-weeding
  • Hedge and shrub trimming/pruning
  • Seasonal lawn fertilization
  • Tree limbing/pruning
  • Miracle-grow and bug/mite/fungal spraying
  • Fire Ant control
Property Management:

Combines both the lawn maintenance and the landscape maintenance along with other services from the list below to develop an all exclusive program for your property.  Protecting your investment in your property and offering you the freedom to better focus your time in the areas of your life that are important to you.  Property Management plans are for both commercial and residential customers. Payment plans can be set up for per month or on a yearly payment plan.

Additional services that can be added to property management plans:
  • Spring and fall leaf clean up
  • Container or planters color (fresh flowers and service)
  • Watering services
  • Gutter and roof clean off
  • Pressure washing
  • Outside window washing
  • Seasonal soil testing
  • Seasonal decor
  • Seasonal holiday lighting (Christmas lights)
  • Snow and ice removal from parking lot, sidewalk and walk way clearing
  • Garden breaking and tilling
  • Animal poo removal

Crew members and employees

Crews will be trained in job duties, responsibilities, first aide, preventive maintenance, quality control, scheduling, safety procedures to employees and visiting public.  All Crew members have a background in lawn care and mowing.

Dugan Lawn Care & Landscaping LLC
specializes in property management for business.  Basic weekly or bi-weekly lawn mowing to a more extensive overall management of your business’s lawn and landscape.
Services include:
  • Weekly or Bi-weekly lawn mowing services
  • Landscape maintenance & new construction
  • Hedge/tree/shrub maintenance
  • Annual flower color and fresh mulch services
  • Grass management & seasonal fertilization service
  • Window washing service
  • Power washing service
  • Seasonal décor and Holiday lighting services
  • Container flower service
  • Emergency event services
  Complete over all property management to just basic service we have a service plan that will fit your need and budget.  We are a fully insured, uniformed, and professional lawn care and landscape company.

All other services offered:
  • Sod installation
  • New lawns or seeding
  • Landscape design
  • Landscape construction
  • Decorative stone
  • Boulder rock gardens
  • French drains
  • Dry creek beds
  • Tree, shrub, and hedge planting
  • Planting and transplanting
  • Lawn property renovations
  • Fence construction
  • Property clean ups
  • Tree removal
  • Chain saw work
  • Polo saw work
  • Fence row clearing
  • Pond cleaning and clearing
  • Raised garden construction
  • Garden breaking/tilling
  • Dirt work
  • Back hoe or front end loader work
  • Painting
  • Porch and patio construction
  • Arbors and trellis construction
  • Debris and junk removal
  • Assisted moving services
  • Drive way patching and repair
  • Live animal trapping and removal
  • Seasonal décor
  • Holiday lighting
  • Painting
  • General handyman services

In the event that any other information is needed please contact our business office Monday thru Friday 9:00am to 5:00pm. 
Thank you and we are looking forward to being your Property Management company.